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Refugee Community Kitchen

Grab yourself a bargain high quality Refugee Community Kitchen product.
100% profit of each item you buy goes directly into providing warm nutritious meals for a person in need.
Be part of the change you want to see in the world

  • Volunteer and spread kindness

  • Food is a human right

  • Serving food without judgement
  • The Gift of Giving

Volunteer and spread kindness

Food is a human right

Serving food without judgement
The Gift of Giving RCK Giving Certificate


The big issues are not going to be solved by one person but certainly collectively kindness is a good place to start  

Sam Jones - RCK Founder

Its not just about food its about solidarity, social support and going into the field and creating a safe space where people are able to eat together

Lenny Dewan - Volunteer

I am continually in awe of the work that RCK undertake day in day out year after year when everyone else has moved on, they show up and feed thousands of people every day, every week, every year. I am so proud to know them.

Andi Oliver

Refugee Community Kitchen is built solely on the huge efforts of so many ordinary people volunteering day in and day out 

Paula Gallardo - RCK Founder

Every day you bring joy and good food to people. It really fills your heart.

Yasmin Abachi, Volunteer

We are volunteers, We chop, We stir, We serve. We believe food is a human right. Everyone deserves food that we'd be happy to eat at our own tables

RCK Volunteer

They care without judging people, they are a community committed to making things better for the most vulnerable people.

Ali S

Foodness Est. 2019

Refugee Community Kitchen



Foodness Est. 2019

Foodness is a Community Interest Company set up to support Refugee Community Kitchen in its mission to spread kindness to displaced people in need through food with sales of merchandise and events. 

100% of the profits from every purchase you make through our shop goes to Refugee Community Kitchen. They use the funds to buy food and support operation in the UK and Northern France.

Every food serving is made of fresh highly nutritious food freshly cooked with healthy ingredients accompanied with fresh herbs and condiments so our beneficiaries can make the food to their taste as we serve and we do this for 50p a meal including all ingredients, gas equipment and delivery