Refugee Community Kitchen's 2020 Calendar

Refugee Community Kitchen's 2020 Calendar

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Support the‰Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢åÂ嬉Û_Ìã墉Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢‰Û_̢ÌʉÛ_Ìã‰ÛÊRefugee Community Kitchen by purchasing our‰Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢åÂ嬉Û_Ìã墉Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢‰Û_̢ÌʉÛ_Ìã‰ÛÊhugely popular recipe calendar,‰Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢åÂ嬉Û_Ìã墉Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢‰Û_̢ÌʉÛ_Ìã‰ÛÊnow in its 3rd year! You‰Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢åÂ嬉Û_Ìã墉Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢‰Û_̢ÌʉÛ_Ìã‰ÛÊwill find 12 warming, nutritious dishes that have been cooked in Calais by the very talented chefs and cooks who volunteer to make food‰Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢åÂ嬉Û_Ìã墉Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢‰Û_̢ÌʉÛ_Ìã‰ÛÊfor displaced people every day. We have translated the recipes‰Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢åÂ嬉Û_Ìã墉Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢‰Û_̢ÌʉÛ_Ìã‰ÛÊfrom being able to feed‰Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢åÂ嬉Û_Ìã墉Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢‰Û_̢ÌʉÛ_Ìã‰ÛÊthousands into easy-to-follow recipes‰Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢åÂ嬉Û_Ìã墉Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢‰Û_̢ÌʉÛ_Ìã‰ÛÊyou can make at home with your friends and family.

Buying this calendar will fund‰Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢åÂ嬉Û_Ìã墉Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢‰Û_̢ÌʉÛ_Ìã‰ÛÊ16 hot and nutritious meals for those in need.‰Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢åÂ嬉Û_Ìã墉Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢‰Û_̢ÌʉÛ_Ìã‰ÛÊ

Double sided 13 Leaf A3 Portrait (420mm deep x 297mm wide)

Featured in The Observer‰Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢åÂ嬉Û_Ìã墉Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢‰Û_̢ÌʉÛ_Ìã‰ÛÊfood monthly best gifts of 2019 guide!

Note: Foodness CIC will‰Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢åÂ嬉Û_Ìã墉Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢‰Û_̢ÌʉÛ_Ìã‰ÛÊonly be sending‰Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢åÂ嬉Û_Ìã墉Û_ÌÊ̦‰ö_̢‰Û_̢ÌʉÛ_Ìã‰ÛÊorders between Monday - Wednesday Each week.